Twitch Paints

Posted By: DAN, Posted In: Applications, at: 2015-03-24 07:16:55 EST.

Twitch Paints was a fun project that required I piece together a bunch of different technologies. It allowed people to collaboratively draw shapes onto an html5 canvas with simple chat commands. 

  1. Install and configure an IRCd2 server on my VPS for the backend connection
  2. Build and customize KiwiIRC for the frontend client
  3. Implement (And bug fix) Jtripper's IRC bot
  4. Learn Python, create plugin to execute user commands
    1. Commands open and write to ircpaint.js file
  5. Tie it all together
    1. Left iframe is an html5 canvas that reloads and populates from ircpaint.js
    2. Right iframe is the KiwiIRC client that allows you to communicate with the bot

This is a video explaining the process and showing the result!

It's such a fun little project that I even demoed it in front of a hundred or so nerds at an impromptu 5-minute "Lightning Talk" at the last Chippewa Valley Code Camp event.