Git that Party Started

Posted By: DAN, at: 2015-12-19 02:52:09 EST.

My employer's website had a need to expand the functionality of bxSlider, a popular open source responsive image slider.

As my first real forray into contributing to open source, this was a fun little project. You can see my contribution to it on GitHub.

Because I had content that was loaded dynamically based on slide position, I thought that using the browsers forward and backward buttons would be convenient for customers browsing our products. After finishing it, I spent some free time at home reworking and integrating the tool directly. As of right now, my pull request hasn't been accepted, but I still think it's useful.

The end result of the implemented project is available at

Guitar Effects Gamepad

Posted By: DAN, at: 2015-03-24 17:14:45 EST.

I found Chuck after doing quite a bit of google searching, I wanted to combine my love of programming and music together. I thought all I would end up with was making simple beats with synthesizers, even after I watched Ge Wang present at TED in this video. But I was intrigued, and wanted to learn more about Chuck.

After playing around with it for a few nights, I have the below example of a working effects pedal in Chuck. It could definitely use some love and more features, but it will come around evenetually!

The code I have so far is available here.


My Heart Belongs to Open Source

Posted By: DAN, at: 2015-03-04 00:42:56 EST.

I love the idea of open source software. Though politically I am more of a libertarian, the socialist approach to software development seems like the way to go. I firmly believe the future of technology is in people learning, innovating, and developing free software. It is going to be a great future!

Because of this, I try to develop in and with Open Source software whenever possible.

Though I haven't currently been able to put much development time into them as I would like, projects I work on will surely be available from my GitHub profile.