Custom Wordpress Template

Posted By: DAN, Posted In: Development, at: 2015-03-04 18:39:26 EST.

Though I wasn't actively looking for Web Development work, I recieved an offer from a friend of a friend (who was a graphic design student) to build a website for a local business called The Center. So as a team of two, we created a site for them to organize their new business.

Working from graphic mock-ups and a list of client needs, I decided the site should be based on Wordpress. Not finding any readily available templates that would accomplish the goal, I heavily modified Wordpress' own Twenty Thirteen theme. I ended up using the built-in tag system to allow a grid of posts to appear in place of the standard blogpost format.

I ended up having to hack my way around the default Wordpress code, and grew to realize that I didn't like how bloated it was. These kinds of projects always take longer than I expect them to. But in the end, it was done on time and the Client was very happy with the result.