Hackathon: Python Check-In App

Posted By: DAN, at: 2017-07-22 00:59:05 EST.

Ipsut is the product of 16 hours of hardcore pair-programming. It's a fully working Flask application for check-in tracking for things like treasure hunts and bar crawls.

Created at the AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: Seattle by Jason Rigden and I, Ipsut is live !

The code (and todo list) is available on Github, and I also have a docker image available on Docker Hub

Twitch Paints

Posted By: DAN, at: 2015-03-24 07:16:55 EST.

Twitch Paints was a fun project that required I piece together a bunch of different technologies. It allowed people to collaboratively draw shapes onto an html5 canvas with simple chat commands. 

  1. Install and configure an IRCd2 server on my VPS for the backend connection
  2. Build and customize KiwiIRC for the frontend client
  3. Implement (And bug fix) Jtripper's IRC bot
  4. Learn Python, create plugin to execute user commands
    1. Commands open and write to ircpaint.js file
  5. Tie it all together
    1. Left iframe is an html5 canvas that reloads and populates from ircpaint.js
    2. Right iframe is the KiwiIRC client that allows you to communicate with the bot

This is a video explaining the process and showing the result!

It's such a fun little project that I even demoed it in front of a hundred or so nerds at an impromptu 5-minute "Lightning Talk" at the last Chippewa Valley Code Camp event.

Recorded Presentation Video on Web Analytics

Posted By: DAN, at: 2015-03-06 21:12:46 EST.

Below is a presentation I recorded for an assignment for a class called Web Analytics at the University of Wisconsin Stout. I genuinely enjoyed learning in the class and creating this video.

Video Credits

(CC)Music by Bronix - Arcadland
Presentation Created Using Reveal.js -
Recorded Using OBS (Open Broadcast Software) -

Free Services, Courtesy of GitHub
Hosted by - Digital Ocean 
Domain Name - Name Cheap


Visualize User Clicks - ClickHeat
Android Web Server - I-Jetty

Dynamics CRM Implementation

Posted By: DAN, at: 2015-03-03 23:56:11 EST.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful tool. During my last semester at Stout I became intimately familiar with it. I have a passion for the systems that handle Enterprise Resources and Customer Management, though not necessarily Microsoft's version of it. That being said, I certainly learned my way around Dynamics CRM.

This video walks through and explains the final project for a class called IT Policy and Audit. Our team, the UW Stout Hatless Vandals, implemented Dynamics CRM for a mock web dev company.

Shoutout to Evan Sveum, who I grew to respect and fear in my last semester at UW Stout!

Clickheat for Analytics

Posted By: DAN, at: 2015-03-02 20:01:26 EST.

Clickheat is a neat open source analytics tool that allows gives you a very graphical representation of what users are click on when they visit your site. It's incredibly easy to install and configure, it works right out of the box after dropping in the .js and collecting a few visits worth of data. I had it up and running on my old site, but that site was really just complete garbage. As soon as I get my CMS configured for editing, and I have a bunch of data, I will throw up some screen shots of it in action!