Smugrubber: Forever In Development

Posted By: DAN, Posted In: Gamer, at: 2015-03-04 03:11:44 EST.

My latest attempt at making a game is a team effort with my best friend and programming guru, Jett. It is called Smugrubber, you can play it in your browser here or view the github repo here.

The game is a browser-based 2d shooter arena featuring multiplayer combat (soon) in a procedurally generated environment full of 2d physics fun. It takes a lot of inspiration from a mutual favorite game of ours, called Soldat. It also includes Super Smash Bros style of "knock them off the map" gameplay.

The game is built using:

  1. WebGL to render all graphics, with the help of a glMatrix for placement
  2. Box2d.js for physiscs
  3. Howler.js for audio
  4. Custom art and OST contributed by friends!


Besides the procedurally generated game world, one of the coolest features is that bullets are physics objects; their speed, size, and density determines how much damage your character takes, and how much you're knocked back. The knockback effect multiplies with the more damage you take.

It began as a kind of arcade version of Angry Birds, then becomming something of a ninja-with-a-grappling-hook arcade game. It's obviously still a work-in-progress: the project is fully available on GitHub.