A Portfolio

I am currently seeking challenging, gainful employment. If you're interested in hiring a skilled, motivated, and all-around amazing individual like myself, you can view my official Resume, but I would rather you take a look at the projects and things available on this site. It is a collection of passions and projects, and is a labor of love in itself.

My dream is to be an entreprenuer: to make a living by working on and monetizing passion projects. But my real goal is to attain a position that presents rewarding challenges and affords me the freedom to choose my own hours and travel as I please.

The Job I'm currently seeking will require my people skills and passion for creative uses of technology; it will present a new challenge every day. I'm not exactly sure where I will find this job, but if you think you can help, I encourage you to email me at kraftd@live.com

I am currently located in Wausau, in the heart of Wisconsin. I am willing and eager to relocate anywhere (even outside the US, if possible) for the right position. I enjoy travel and new experiences nearly as much as I enjoy solving problems with code.